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Hi Rglady!
Congratulations on your hard work!!! I kinda had the same problem when I became cured. And sometimes still feel pain but it’s not often. Are you having penile penetration? My biggest dilator would hurt me because it’s so stiff and it doesn’t move or bend to comfortably follow the curves of my vagina so I wonder if that may be what you’re experiencing. It could also be anxiety related as well. Vaginismus inflicts fear, because you know it can be painful and working on it can be painful. Vaginismus effects both mind and body and when your body is cured, your anxiety around it may not be. And it’s that anxiety that can still trigger muscle spasms. Maybe you could try some exercises that can help you get your mind and body on the same page! Talk to yourself out loud. Reassure yourself that you are safe and that your body is safe with you and you will never put yourself in a situation where you would intentionally hurt yourself. Also it’s a really good idea to say these things to yourself while you explore the inside of your vagina with a finger. Become familiar and show yourself there’s nothing to fear! It’s squishy! But a beautiful part of your body and womanhood and nothing to fear! 🙂 You could also try breathing techniques as well to bring yourself to a much deeper relaxed state of mind before dilating. As well as yoga stretches that helps stretch your pelvic floor muscles. All of these are great tools that helped me along my journey and I hope they help you! For breathing techniques and yoga stretches, you can find lots of different techniques on Google! There is also CBD infused lube too! CBD works wonders for anxiety and pain. I really hope I could be of help. Keep us updated and good luck! We’re always here for you 🙂