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Such a topical question, Jennifer! This was definitely an issue back when I was dilating and living with a roommate. I had my own room in our apartment which gave me privacy for the dilation itself, but I’d have to walk through common areas to get to a sink to wash off the dilator afterward. It was necessary to let my roommate (who was a good friend) know I was doing the dilation so she’d be aware and not weirded out if we bumped into each other while I was carrying a dilator, and she was super cool about it. It was also great to have her as an emotional support I could confide in about how things were going. There are many types of roommates, but if you’re friends with the person you live with I recommend tipping them off so you don’t feel like you have anything to hide or be ashamed of! Those feelings aren’t helpful when addressing the similar emotions of HAVING vaginismus, so I’d try not to let them find a space in your home if you can help it!