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Hi @diercl48,

Welcome to our Forum and thank you so much for sharing your story. You’ll find a very supportive and understanding community here.

First of all, kudos to you on your bravery and resiliency. While vaginismus is a highly treatable condition, healing often requires courage and patience! So the fact that you continue to attempt the PT exercises, the knowledge that you have been able to make progress with dilation – these are amazing measures of how accountable you are to your sexual health and overall well-being. I’m also so glad to know that you are in a relationship with someone who is supportive and caring.

If the anxiety you’re experiencing with PT is potentially outweighing the benefits, I would suggest you speak with your PT. Adjustments in exercise approach as well as pacing can always be explored. And we find that a focus on stress-release and relaxation – both during exercises/dilation and generally throughout the day – is an integral part of the healing process.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you’re progressing!