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Hi Jennifer,

in 2018 I started to want children- but knew I was going to be unable to tolerate penetration. it always felt like there was no way something of that size would ever fit. I did some research and stumbled upon a product called a Mosie Baby home insemination syringe it was smaller than a finger. With that and LOTS of lube, I managed to conceive my first using this syringe- and then conceived my second a few months later also using the syringe. During childbirth (although I had two c sections) I had to undergo examinations under epidural. Coming away from that whole experience knowing I was able to insert the syringes myself, and that my body COULD accommodate examinations (even though I couldn’t feel this) made me realise that I could do this I just needed to relax and focus. Im no where near ready for medical exams or penitration- but I feel this is a great milestone on my journey to success.

I hope that’s ok 🙂