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Hi Jaclynfich,

I do think Lidocaine can be very helpful for some women and I will often suggest it when I have a patient who feels the initial burning or stinging sensation with dilation is overwhelming.

There are multiple different strengths of Lidocaine you can buy over the counter. The highest strength is 5%.

Some women have complained that they feel the lidocaine itself can cause burning when first applied, so I do warn patients that is a possibility, especially with the higher dosage lidocaines.

Lidocaine can also be purchased in a cream or ointment form, and that is personal preference.

We always give our Botox procedure patients lidocaine lubricant to use for the first few days post procedure to help with dilation.

At some point I encourage my patients to try dilation without using the lidocaine, and most often they realize that they don’t need it anymore once they have become more proficient with dilation and the muscles start responding.