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You’re totally right, Jennifer! I got the botox treatment at Maze and I know the results wouldn’t have been effective if I hadn’t rigorously dilated after the fact. My case of vaginismus was severe and I needed not only the botox procedure’s muscle-freezing effects but also the awareness that a large dilator could fit inside me. I needed to keep dilating to help solidify the mental and physical connection between being able to dilate and eventually to have penetrative sex.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about my post-dilation routine after botox and what that whole process is like, I’m doing an Instagram live interview with Bat Sheva Marcus, the Clinical Director of Maze Women’s Health! I think if you’re interested in learning more of the details behind what it’s really like to explore this treatment option it’ll be a great conversation to hear. Here’s how you can check it out:

Where: Instagram
When: Tuesday 5/26/20, 9pm Eastern
How: Follow @DrBatSheva on Instagram to be notified when the event starts