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Hi offdutymermaid! Soreness is normal and, while uncomfortable, a part of the dilating process. In fact, it’s a good sign; it’s an indication your muscles are stretching and the dilation process is working! You get more used to the soreness as you continue to dilate and the soreness at a particular size will decrease as you get more used to it and try things out with it (like by wiggling it around, moving it in and out). Once you’re able to insert it and move it pretty comfortably (even if there’s a little bit of soreness) you’re probably good to move to the next dilator size. I recommend dilating with the comfortable size and then moving to the next size up in the same dilation session to get used to it.

I know it all feels very weird and new, but you’re doing great! Keep up the good work, you should be really proud of yourself!