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Hi all. I love this message to ALL members of the Forum and appreciate each and every one of you very much. Currently, there are over 800 Forum members and it continues to grow every day. As previously said, “Gone are the days that women with vaginismus have to feel completely alone and isolated in dealing with this painful condition. Now, we, as a community, are here to support each other through all of the ups, downs, and steps in the journey of overcoming vaginismus. No question is a silly question and no answer is a wrong one. Every day, we can all learn something new from each other and it is invaluable to have this level of support. I’d like to write a special message to the women who are a part of this Forum but who have never posted. Please know that we are all here to support you as well and every post that we write, every question asked, and every answer provided is also to help and support you and you are NEVER alone in this journey. I believe it is very important to post your questions and for the vets and others to write their answers in a reply post rather than personal e-mail as your answers are important, and, again, invaluable information to ALL of the Forum members who may also be undergoing the same challenges and are seeking an answer but are unable to ask in a post due to anxiety. Every post that you write is helping 800+ other women in this powerful community.”