1. During this last month, how often would you have liked to engage in sexual activity with a partner (for example, touching each other’s genitals, giving or receiving oral stimulation, intercourse, etc.)?
2. During this last month, how often have you had sexual thoughts involving a partner?
3. When you have sexual thoughts, how strong is your desire to actually engage in sexual activity with a partner?
4. When you see a person that you find sexually attractive , how strong is your desire to act on it?
5. When you are in romantic situations (such as a candle-lit dinner, a walk on the beach, etc.), how strong is your sexual desire?
6. Compared to other people of your age, how would you rate your desire to behave sexually with a partner?
7. During the past 2 months, how often have you masturbated (including touching your genitals for pleasure, inserting something into your vagina, or attempting to have an orgasm)?
8. How strong is your desire to engage in sexual behavior by yourself?
9. How long could you go comfortably without having sexual activity of some kind, either by yourself or with a partner?
10. When I see a sexy movie or read a sexy book, I...


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Source: This inventory was originally published in “The Sexual Desire Inventory: Development, Factor, Structure, and Evidence of Reliability,” by I. P. Spector, M. P. Carey, and L. Steinberg. 1996, Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 22, 175-190.

Last updated: April 2021