If you’ve tried on your own to solve a problem and used whatever books you thought would help and you still haven’t found a solution, please don’t give up. A book is, in the end, just a book, and often our patients find that they need more help than they can get from any written material. Make sure you see a book as a starting point in your journey toward improving your sex life; it should by no means be the end of the road.

Sex Matters for Women: A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self

By Sallie Foley, 2011

This guide helps women understand how their bodies work and take charge of their sexuality. The authors interweave candid reflections from diverse women with current, science-based information, exercises, and advice. You’ll find answers to everything from how to have more satisfying sex to questions about body image, anatomy, hormones, relationships, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted infections, and trauma.

Guide to Getting It On

By P. N. Joannides, 2004

This is a (very large) lively, upbeat, book that covers nearly every element of sexuality in a straightforward, plain-talk, humorous way.  It is clearly, aimed at a young, hip audience but nearly everyone would have something to learn from this book.  It is, however, extremely explicit both in its pictures and its text and some may find it offensive.


By Hilda Hutcherson, 2006

This book is an excellent guide and outline for women in heterosexual relationships. It covers basic anatomy, different forms of sexual pleasuring and includes ideas to make sex more interesting. It also gives an overview of the typical life stages a woman might experience and the challenges sex may pose during each. While fairly explicit it is understated and more conservative than other sex books.

Come As You Are

By Emily Nagoski,  2015

This book is an exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works based on research and brain science. It also addresses the notion that sexuality is connected to every part of life. The Come As You Are Workbook by Emily Nagoski (2019) is also available to help you apply the book to everyday life.

The Vagina Bible

By Jen Gunter MD, 2019

This new and spirited book written by an OB/GYN is comprehensive in scope and deals with vulvar/vaginal health. It’s mission is to educate and empower women with factual information about our bodies.

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