Dilate with Confidence

Don't let dilation difficulties prevent you from overcoming vaginismus.

Have stress and isolation got you stuck in a dilation rut? Or are you new to dilation and not sure how to get started? Our team of experts at Maze Women’s Health are now available for virtual consults and coaching!  Introducing the Virtual Dilation Coaching Program for Vaginismus. 

How the program works:

Step 1

Schedule your free 10-minute phone consultation with a therapist, where together, you will both determine if the virtual coaching program is right for you.

Step 2

Schedule your initial 60-minute session. Our experts will do a thorough intake, enabling you to tell your story, express your fears and worries and get to know us better. Your dedicated dilation team will consist of a nurse practitioner and a licensed therapist. 

Step 3

Prepare for your first dilation session. You’ll receive the tools and supplies necessary for success including a complete set of dilators, lubricant, instructional handouts and a book on pelvic pain. You’ll schedule your first of two 45-minute follow up sessions with your dedicated dilation team. During these sessions, your team will provide instruction on how to dilate and coach you through both the emotional and physical aspects of the dilation process — all at your own speed.

We know you may be feeling isolated or alone but with the right support, it doesn’t have to prevent progress. Our team is here to offer the support you need to be successful and feel confident dilating on your own. Take the first step and contact us for your free phone consultation.