Vaginismus and Premature Ejaculation

When Jenny and Matt want to take their relationship to the next level, they discover how difficult physical intimacy can be. She had a lot of pain, which turned out to be vaginismus, and he experienced premature ejaculation. They turned to Maze (formerly the Medical Center for Female Sexuality) and Dr. Werner for help and are now enjoying a healthy and satisfying love life.

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Changing Hormone Levels and Low Desire

Jenny and Matt are a middle-aged couple experiencing low libido. They head to Maze (formerly the Medical Center for Female Sexuality) and Dr. Michael Werner and discover that hormonal changes are causing their low desire. Matt and Jenny are relieved to discover they can overcome their problems with hormone therapy.

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Sexual Dysfunction and Low Libido Caused by Aging

Jenny and Matt are happily retired and traveling the world. But, their romantic getaway is not what they anticipated due to problems they are experiencing in the bedroom. Luckily, their experience over the years has taught them that there are often hormonal / physiological problems underlying sexual dysfunction. Jenny heads to the experts for female sexuality at Maze Women's Sexual Health (formerly MCFS) and Matt visits Dr. Werner, at Maze Men's Sexual & Reproductive Health, who specializes in male sexual dysfunction and infertility. They are both given hormone treatments and respond well. Now, traveling around the world became a bit more, how shall we say

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