Should I consider pellets?

Testosterone pellets are a great alternative for women who are tired of applying testosterone gel to their skin. The pellets are inserted into the subdermal fat layer in your buttocks and are designed to deliver testosterone for 3 to 4 months and sometimes up to 6 months. One pellet is about the size of a tic tac and most women require only 1-2 pellets. The procedure is performed in the office and takes approximately 15 minutes.

What does the process of having a pellet inserted look like?

First the area of insertion is cleaned and a numbing medication is injected. A small incision is then made and the pellet is implanted into the subdermal fat layer. The incision is then sealed with steri strips and a bandage. One pellet is about the size of a tic tac and most women require only 1-2 pellets. The procedure is performed in the office and takes approximately 15 minutes.

There is no risk of transfer of the testosterone to others using this method and absorption of the medication is excellent. Testosterone pellets are a good option for patients who have difficulty reaching goal levels with the topical products. There is a small chance of pellet extrusion or infection although these risks are low.

In a Patients Own Words:

There was no question my sex drive was disappearing. I was turning 53 and for the past 5 years it seemed my libido was getting worse and worse. Look, I was married for 32 years and sure, the sex wasn’t always as hot as it had been when we were 20. But we knew each other’s bodies, we were good at making time for sex when we needed it and good sex had been a staple of our lives for the past 30 years. But then, I just wasn’t interested. I TRIED to be interested. I tried all the things I had turned to in the past 30 years, date nights, reading sexy books together, watching porn. Not only was nothing working but I was starting to feel that I just didn’t want to put the effort into it any more. Not wanting sex was becoming a habit and finding my sex drive was becoming so much work it didn’t even feel worth it. And then, the straw that broke the camel’s back was that my orgasms were getting harder to have and so weak, they felt like a blip.  I felt like someone had stolen away a part of me!

My husband was sad. I was beyond being sad. I was pretty aggravated. I went to see the professionals at Maze Women’s Health. I LOVED them. They were warm and funny and seemed really confident that they could help, which honestly, I had trouble believing. What medicine is going to make me “want” to have sex? Isn’t that a psychological thing?  When it turned out that I needed testosterone, they started reviewing all the options. They were describing creams that had to be put on every day and I started to panic a little bit. I’m terrible at remembering to do daily stuff. Then they suggested that they insert a small pellet in by backside. I jumped at the idea. The procedure took about 10 minutes, barely hurt (I just felt the sting of the anesthesia) and left me with a small bandage I needed to wear for 48 hours.  And that was it for 3-4 months. So I left, admittedly still a bit skeptical.

Well, guess what? About two weeks later I found myself thinking about sex. Independently, without trying, without 2 hours of prep, I was actually thinking about sex. And after that I noticed that when my husband wanted to have sex, or when I was watching something sexy on television, I would get that familiar urge to … have sex. And the orgasms? They went back to normal.  And that really took me by surprise, because I guess the orgasms had been getting steadily weaker over the years and I hadn’t  noticed until they got really bad. Because suddenly I was having great orgasms, really great orgasms, like when I was in my 30’s.

I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate your help. I really wouldn’t have believed the change was possible until I went through it. But you and your pellets have changed my life. Thank you!

- B, Age 53 -

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