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    Size does matter when it comes to dilation and ease of penetration. After years of working with women with vaginismus, I find it is really important for successful pain free intercourse, to be able to dilate with a product that is just a little bigger than your partner’s penis.

    For most women, this is usually the largest dilator in a standard kit.

    However, sometimes that is just not big enough.

    I recently found this VWell XL dilator kit on amazon and I think it can be super helpful for women who have partner’s with very large girthy penises.


    I also like that the one of the dilators in this kit also vibrates, which can be really helpful for massaging the entrance muscles and making the dilation experience less painful.

    Millimeters can make a difference, so if you are still struggling with pain-free penetration with your partner, but your largest dilator is comfortable, maybe you just need to dilate larger.


    Thanks for sharing, Melissa! This is a great resource!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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