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    Dr. Pacik

    All of us are attempting to make vaginismus more well known. More information is currently available than ever before, yet health care professionals continue to be under-trained in this area. Currently almost no information is available to graduating medical students as noted by several young doctors recently treated. One way that more information can be made available is by having the search engines pick up content regarding vaginismus. This can be accomplished by writing a review of the book

    “When Sex Seems Impossible. Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy”

    on Amazon.com

    I would encourage everyone who has read the book to write a review. You do not need to have ordered the book from them, though you do need to have an account with Amazon.com to post a review. This will help get the word out.


    did it 🙂


    This is such an excellent avenue of advocacy and for more women who may have vaginismus to learn about their condition and to also share the book with family members to help them better understand it as well.

    Kazia Gray, a previously treated patient, who has gone above and beyond in terms of advocacy, even recording a beautiful music video, has posted the following Amazon review:

    “I found this book easy to read and it flowed very well throughout. For me, the second half of the book was the most enjoyable part to read. It gave me so much hope when I read story after story about other people’s struggles with Vaginismus. I soon realized that I was not alone in my struggle with this humiliating condition. I was provided with a great deal of information and education about Vaginismus that allowed me to start advocating for myself and other couples who are still struggling with this disorder.

    I especially liked the part where Dr Pacik explains step by step how the botox procedure is performed under conscious sedation, and how he talks about each professional team member’s hobbies and interests. I felt like I already knew the team of recovery nurses, the receptionist and the doctor before I even got to New Hampshire to have my procedure! It certainly helped me to realize that I was going to be in safe and caring hands! Even the way Dr Pacik explains about the heart monitoring and how they closely watch the patient’s vital signs helped so much with relieving a lot of the anxieties I had about having the botox treatment. This book delivers the information and education that I needed to recieve years ago about vaginismus. I think this book is a must for any couple that is struggling with vaginismus. It is a book that will make you cry with relief that there are people in the medical field that empathize and truly are trying to stand in the shoes of the couples who are struggling with vaginismus. I not only cried at times but laughed at parts too! This book also makes you realize that there are so many other women who are experiencing the same problem as you. Vaginismus does not discriminate and can affect white, black, muslim, christian, unemployed or even health care professionals themselves. This book makes you realize that vaginismus can affect anyone.I wish that this book was around years ago when I first realized that I had vaginismus. It truly is a must read for anyone with vaginismus, or the partner, friend, family member or health care professional who are wanting to help someone overcome this devastating problem.

    Thank you once again for allowing me to read this wonderful book!”

    Ladies, I encourage you to write an Amazon review of the Dr. P’s book as search engines will be able to pick up this content regarding vaginismus and it may help women both learn of their condition and this available treatment as well as provide them with an avenue to share about it with family members too.

    Janet Pacik

    Thank you so much Heather 34! If you would like to write a review of Dr. Pacik’s book “When Sex Seems Impossible”, the following link will take you to the Amazon page to write your actual review and to assign it a ranking (1 to 5 stars).



    I just went and left a review for the book! 🙂 I wish everyone could read it. Amazing. 🙂

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