Will lubricant always be necessary?

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    Hi ladies. My hubby and I have been able to have pain-free intercourse since July. We have always used lubricant prior to sex. While I get naturally aroused and this may not be necessary anymore, we still always use it. This may solely be a comfort thing as I would never want to ever experience pain again. For those members who are having intercourse, do you find that lubricant is always necessary? Have any of you had intercourse without using lube? If so, was it comfortable?

    Dr. Pacik

    This is a great topic. Lubrication is essential during the period of time that Botox is active. Botox not only diminishes vaginal spasm it also interferes with the parasympathetic nervous system which governs “let down” in the aroused female. This may result in dryness and the obvious need for lubrication.
    As Botox becomes less active, the need for lubrication should diminish. Some external lubrication is probably always a good idea, because let down varies. Sometimes there may be a significant flow, other times the vagina may be on the dry side. This is all normal. Arousal varies and with this the amount of natural lubrication varies. By using lubricants one helps avoid small tears in the vaginal wall which by themselves starts a pain process that should be avoided. Bottom line: It is a good idea to use supplemental lube most of the time. Also important is to continue some form of dilation before intercourse to avoid a sudden painful stretch of the vaginal muscles.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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