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    Hi ladies. I came across an interesting 2012 article that discusses the importance of advocating for those women who continue to suffer from chronic vaginal pain. In this instance, the article covered the condition of vulvodynia. However, the pain of vaginismus is also similar and should receive much more attention as well.

    Here is a link to the article:

    Again, there are many similarities in the way in which physicians have treated vulvodynia patients in the past as well.

    Excerpts of patient testimonial include:

    “I saw four different doctors before my vulvodynia was diagnosed and treated. The first gynecologist actually blamed the pain during intercourse on my husband’s penis being too large!”
    “I first experienced (vulvar vestibulitis) about 15 years ago and went to my female family doctor. She dismissed it.”
    “I went to several doctors who did not know how to treat it. A few insisted that I had herpes, which was not true since I had tested negative for every STD. It was incredibly frustrating.”

    The article goes on to describe the importance for women to continue to advocate and educate concerning the condition:

    “Although the medical community is directing more attention and research funding to understanding and spotting the chronic condition, a knowledge gap still clearly exists. The more women who raise vulvodynia awareness to their doctors, girlfriends, partners and daughters, the more patients can know what questions to ask and treatments to seek out should the condition arise. If not spread the word about vulvodynia for yourself, do it for those 13 million vaginas.”

    Again, the same research and attention should be paid to the condition of vaginismus and we, as a community, can help to spread the word so no other women has to suffer in silence. Do you have any ideas of ways in which we can all continue to advocate and spread the word about vaginismus???

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