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    Hi ladies. I think an excellent source of information and a great way to learn about all aspects of the treatment is by watching the extremely well-done series of vaginismus videos on YouTube:
    Part 1: Early signs and diagnosis of vaginismus
    Part 2: Classifying the severity of vaginismus, treatment with Botox and dilators
    Part 3: Advancing to intercourse after Botox Treatment for Vaginismus
    “When Sex Seems Impossible” Meet the authors and book review.
    Meet the staff: Gloria, Ellen and Dr. Pacik — What to expect from the vaginismus treatment program
    Understanding the full treatment program for vaginismusVaginismus Part 1: A Patient’s Experience — Case history and patient interview (View in Portuguese)
    Vaginismus Part 1: A Patient’s Experience — Case history and patient interview (View in Portuguese)
    Vaginismus Part 2: A Patient’s Experience — Case history and patient interview (View in Portuguese)
    Discussion of the safety of anesthesia, Botox and dilation for treatment of vaginismus
    Part 1: How to use dilators to treat vaginismus
    Part 2: Overcoming vaginismus with the use of dilators and progression to intercourse

    Every single day, women from all over the world are watching these videos and learning more about the condition of vaginismus and that there is a treatment out there that works and is the cure.

    Most recently, the following commentary was exchanged between Dr. Pacik and a viewer:
    re: spasm may be inexistent… do you observe a spasm of the vaginal/pelvic muscles in the sense of increased contraction or do you observe simply the combination of simple contraction of them and a tight opening? cause my hypothesis is rather that the epithelium plays a crucial role here…
    to put that question differently: have you ever observed a moment when the spasm was not there, i.e. where it stopped even for a brief moment, and the vaginal vestibulum was wide?
    [Dr. Pacik]
    Yes, especially in the less severe vaginismus cases. They are not able to have intercourse (or if they do, they have severe pain) and in these women, spasm is often not noted. It is likely that the spasm is situational in these cases. Some severe vaginismus cases are able to use tampons but not tolerate intercourse. These are the women who have spasm during a GYN exam or intercourse.
    I recently submitted a paper showing the prevalence of vaginal exam especially involving more severe forms of vaginismus (Lamont grade 4 and Pacik grade 5). The tricky thing here is that when women with vaginismus are examined under anesthesia there is NO spasm because everything relaxes. It therefore requires delicate sedation so that the woman being examined can remain comfortable, yet not cause so much relaxation that the spasm disappears.

    I encourage you to watch the videos and look forward to reading your comments and posts after viewing.

    Are there any other topics that you would like to see discussed in a future video? What are your views on creating a future documentary on the condition of vaginismus and this particular treatment program?

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