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    Hi ladies. There is a new resource article posted concerning the Vaginismus Questionnaire’s that are required pre-procedure.

    It’s a very interesting article to read and describes the true importance of completing these forms. It is really the first time that you may be telling your vaginismus story in its entirety. An excerpt includes:

    “This is a time for “soul searching” and for you to let go. I am willing to listen to you. Each questionnaire tears at my own soul. I have learned so much from my vaginismus patients and I have spent years being committed to these women. The detail, as painful as it may be, is important. This is a time to tell your story. In the process the correct diagnosis can be made and the correct treatment instituted. It is helpful to involve your husband when filling out the questionnaire. Vaginismus is a two way street and the man is “afflicted” also.”

    Also, it talks about the real and true possibility that you may be unable to complete the questionnaire as it may produce excess anxiety. In this case, Dr. Pacik discusses communications from your husband/partner in completing the forms. An excerpt includes:

    “Advice to the husbands who fill out the forms
    Fill out as much of the questionnaire as possible. Provide as much detail as you can. I will be happy to accept the forms from you, just indicate that you were the author. Every so often discuss some of the content with your wife to involve her and to include information that you are not familiar with. From just the history, I can usually make a diagnosis and recommend treatment.”

    This is a great resource article to read and I would love to hear your feedback here ladies. Were any of you nervous or even unable to fill out these forms prior to your procedure?

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