Vaginismus Myth: You Just Have to Keep Trying and Practicing Sex

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    Hi all. While in my early 20s before dating my then boyfriend/now hubby, I would casually date different guys and I would always assume that with the right guy, I would be able to relax enough and it would just be able to finally happen. Each time, I was incredibly disappointed as it never worked. Fast fwd to now and I have been cured from vaginismus since 2011 after receiving the Botox treatment program. I just read and re-read Dr. Bat Sheva’s new vaginismus Blog in which she writes vaginismus is the most successfully treated of the painful sex disorders in the shortest amount of time. If I was back in my early 20s, I would love knowing this then and I would do whatever I could to work with Maze to overcome the condition (i.e. dilator program, botox program). Like Dr. Pacik’s office, they offer assistance with insurance as well. Most importantly to me and I know so many others, they are a group that understands the condition of vaginismus and how to treat it and they want you to be successful in overcoming.


    It is as though some people think overcoming vaginimus is like learning to swim…if you just keep practicing you will figure it out. But imagine if you had never, ever been in the ocean and your were dropped right in. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it? And you would probably never, ever want to go into the water again. Women with vaginismus cannot control the tightness in their vaginas, and are often unaware of it, so the first attempt at intercourse is often a surprise when it is painful both physically and emotionally. Trying and trying again is like being thrown into the ocean again and again without any guidance. Many women become so fearful of intercourse that they simply give up trying to have sex. Who wants to feel pain when they expect pleasure? As noted above there is no need to suffer. As many people need swimming lessons to swim, women with vaginismus need help, Help is available and no matter how “tight” you might think you are, dilation and/or Botox work wonderfully. Please do not suffer, or be ashamed, we are here to help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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