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    Hi ladies. I came across the following vaginismus article in Women’s Health:

    It is written by Dr. Elna Rudolph. “Dr Elna Rudolph is the clinical head of the Intercare Centre for Sexual Health and is one of only two doctors in South Africa with a masters degree in sexual health. Her work includes sexual health check-ups, contraceptive management, the treatments of STIs as well helping patients with sexual health issues such as low libido and those who experience painful sex.”

    It thoroughly describes the condition of vaginismus as well as Dr. Pacik’s treatment program and book, When Sex Seems Impossible.

    I encourage you to read it and welcome your comments.


    What a great article and so encouraging that vaginismus is starting to be recognized and talked about. Even if it reaches just one woman, what a blessing it will be for her! Thanks for sharing Heather34!

    K Howard

    Thanks for sharing this Heather! This is awesome news!

    Janet Pacik

    Heather, This is a great post. I just added it to our VaginismusMD Facebook and will be adding it to Twitter. This is such a great article written about Dr. Pacik’s work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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