Vaginismus: A Quiet Storm

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    Hi ladies. I have come across the following article that discusses vaginismus:

    While I am so happy that there is an article as recent as 2012 that discusses the condition of vaginismus, I think it’s a shame that the Botox treatment is not mentioned in any form. From my own experience of trying a multitude of different vaginismus treatments prior to this one, this is the one that provides the true “cure” for this condition. More needs to be done in terms of advocacy to spread the word so this is the first line of treatment discussed in all articles and especially by physicians. How wonderful would it have been if you discovered the diagnosis of vaginismus immediately from your treating physician and received a referral for Dr. Pacik’s treatment. I suffered in silence with this condition for far too long before finding this cure and want to do everything that I can do now to make it more known and prevent the unnecessary suffering of others with this condition. Let’s discuss new ways of spreading the word and advocating to get both vaginismus and this treatment more well-known. I’d love to hear all of your ideas and thank you in advance for them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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