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    Hi ladies. Dr. Pacik has written extensively on the different severity levels of vaginismus and the importance for patients and physicians alike to understand such. Originally, Lamont classified vaginismus into four categories:

    First degree vaginismus as spasm of the pelvic floor that could be relieved with reassurance and the patient could relax for her examination.

    Second degree vaginismus, generalized spasm of the pelvic floor as a steady state despite reassurance, and the patient was unable to relax for the exam.

    Third degree vaginismus, the pelvic floor spasm was sufficiently severe that the patient would elevate the buttocks in an attempt to avoid being examined.

    Fourth degree vaginismus, the most severe form of vaginismus described by Lamont, the patient would totally retreat by elevating the buttocks, retreating, and tightly closing the thighs to prevent any examination.

    In 2010, Dr. Pacik expanded the Lamont classification by introducing a Level 5 vaginismus:

    Pacik described 5th degree vaginismus as a visceral reaction manifested by increased adrenalin output and resulting in any of the following: Increased heart rate, palpitations, hyperventilation, trembling, shaking, nausea or vomiting, crying uncontrollably, a feeling of light headedness and fainting, a desire to jump off the table, run away or even attack the doctor. Dr. Pacik has further described the Pacik level 5 vaginismus in Chapter 6 of his book.

    I suffered from this most severe level of vaginismus (Pacik 5) and was unable to tolerate any form of penetration at all. I failed at numerous treatments (i.e. PT, using dilators alone, etc.) and also had very horrible experiences with dismissive doctors who didn’t understand the condition. My husband and I also attempted intercourse and failed countless times. Within a week of receiving Dr. Pacik’s treatment, we were able to have pain-free intercourse. Even after several months have now passed, it still amazes me how well this treatment worked as it cured so many years of our suffering with vaginismus. For any women reading this who also may have severe level 5 vaginismus and who may have also failed at numerous other treatments, please don’t get discouraged and know that there is a cure out there for you as well in this treatment program!!!

    Ladies, I would love your feedback and comments here. What was your severity level of vaginismus? Did you also try other treatments prior to your procedure (i.e. physical therapy, biofeedback, counseling, using dilators, etc.)? What were your experiences?

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