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    This is not my success story but that of my niece. I will not get into her back story. She is a member of this forum and that is hers to tell if she chooses. I want to tell you about what I witnessed. My niece diagnosed herself, found Dr. Pacik and set up this procedure on her own. Her mother, her boyfriend, her brother and I went to NH with her. Her brother stayed at the hotel while the rest of us accompanied her to Dr Pacik’s office. He encouraged us to be in the room with her during the procedure. She said that was what she wanted so we scrubbed up and went in, sitting at a discreet angle, of course. I won’t get into detail but what I saw that day affected me deeply. It was a very intense experience and up until that point I did not know the full magnitude of what she was dealing with. She was tough and came through it like a rock star and her boyfriend was truly stellar in his support of her. She is having great success now and is happy as she can be. This experience has changed me profoundly and all I want to do is help encourage others who are considering this procedure or are perhaps hesitant. Dr. Pacik is a truly warm individual who really cares about his patients. During the procedure he turned to us periodically to explain what he was doing and why and he kept us all very involved in my niece’s treatment. He will put you at ease immediately and put your fears to rest. Everyone at his office was wonderful and supportive and went out of their way to make us all feel involved and secure. This procedure has given my niece the opportunity to become a mother in the future. Who knows what her future would have been without this treatment? I encourage everyone who has been through this or has witnessed a family member go through this to start writing those letters! Write to The Doctors, and Dr Phil and Dr Oz and whoever else you can think of that can get this message out. All this money and research and time has been spent working on men’s sexual issues, it is time to focus on the ladies! Thank you, Dr. Pacik, for giving my niece her confidence back!


    You just made me cry, I love you 🙂


    Aw, hun, I love you too!

    Dr. Pacik

    Thanks Auntie, your post touched me deeply. There is so much emotion, so much hanging in the balance, so many lives on hold.
    We are all very busy with our own lives, but we need to start the “write in” campaign where all of us start writing to “The Doctors”. If they get a flood of emails from women willing to tell their stories, and aunts and mothers, this is the beginning of the publicity that is needed to get vaginismus on the map. Then it won’t be long before other networks pick it up, doctors will be curious and start learning and hopefully the insurance companies will begin to realize that vaginismus is an important sexual pain disorder affecting millions of women.
    I have thought about a form or template, but on further thinking I think everyone should write their own letter to The Doctors. It will mean more this way. A bit more work, but probably more effective. Let’s start this “write-in” campaign soon. With enough publicity we can blow the lid off vaginismus. We know that grass roots organizations can be highly effective. Just think how far we have come with the Forum in a mere six months!
    We can start a new topic where letters sent are posted, so that others have the tools and fresh ideas of what can be written.

    Thanks so much for your post, your kind words, and your willingness to help. It was wonderful meeting you and the family.


    This is so sweet and congrats! I recently told my aunt about my vaginismus. We are very close and it is so nice having her support. Congrats again! May your future be everything and more that you dreamed of and hoped for!


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