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    Hello everyone,
    I got the botox treatment about two weeks ago and had piv sex around the two week mark (something we had never done previously). I used the 4th plastic dilator shortly before and then moved to the 5th which is 1.5 in in diameter and 6.25 inches in length. I had slight pain with initial insertion and then it slowly went away and just felt like pressure. My main problem was that I didn’t feel like I could get it in any further than 3/4 of the way. I tried to move around to different angles and push for it to go in further and it just wouldn’t budge.

    When my husband and I had sex I also felt like it would not go all the way in no matter what position we tried. Did anyone else feel this way? Should it go all the way in? Are there any other positions anyone recommends to try that might feel better / be more successful?


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