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    Hi ladies. It is unfortunate that when we are troubled we often remain silent and carry our grievances internally. This is so true for women suffering from vaginismus. Vaginismus and painful intercourse have been around for a long time and afflict women worldwide but so few people talk about it. My husband and I hid this problem for so many years and told absolutely no one except a handful of doctors who didn’t seem to understand. We became so good at pretending we had an amazing sex life and the whole façade while we were the only ones who knew the truth. It wasn’t until we met Dr. Pacik, that we both felt like we found someone who finally understood the condition. But, I still had never talked to or met another woman with vaginismus. On the day of my procedure, my husband and I met the most wonderful couple in the world. This was so important for me personally because it was the first woman that I had ever spoken to and actually met that also had vaginismus. As some of you may also feel, I felt very alone with this for several years and as if I was the only person on the planet who had it. Meeting someone else who also had it and then just connecting so well and supporting each other through the whole process was simply amazing and unforgettable. Now, we have a wonderful community in this forum where we all can finally talk about the condition openly and help and support each other. Veteran patients, like myself, who have been cured can help the to-be-treated patients, inquiries, and really any woman out there who is afflicted with vaginismus. There is truly no better feeling in the world than realizing that you’re not alone in this and you have a strong group to support you. There is great strength in numbers ladies! I look forward to hearing from all of you and reading more of your posts.

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