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    Does anyone have tips for how to sit upright mostly comfortably while dilating? I’d like to be able to sit at my desk and do homework or some of my craft projects, but can’t quite figure out a position that isn’t prohibitively painful or uncomfortable.


    Hi Vashalla, I have found that the more I do it the easier and less uncomfortable it becomes. I also find that #4 and #5 are much easier to sit with than #6. So #6 I usually will either lay somewhat upright on the bed or recline in a chair. I try not to walk around too much with #6 as it is awkward and not real comfortable, plus I look funny when I walk. :0) The smaller dilators have become more comfortable to sit in although it has taken some time.


    This is a great question Vashalla. I dilated with the smaller-medium sized purple dilator (pure romance) and found that I could even drive with it if I sat a little bit on the right side and leaned on the right side of my leg. I live fairly close to NH and actually did this on my drive to the office on Day 2 post-procedure. As far as the larger dilators, this is such a good question and I’d love to hear from the others as well. I only dilate now in advance of ob/gyn exams and do this with the largest blue dilator (pure romance). I’ve done it at work where I have to sit upright and have definitely found it challenging. I try to sit entirely on my right side (which looks kind of funny). LOL. I wonder if anyone has tried using a pillow or something. Any ideas ladies??? Vashalla, how are you finding that the Remote Supported Dilation Therapy is going so far? It’s very educational for others to read your posts as this is a different form of treatment than the standard Botox treatment program under anesthesia with progressive dilation and it, too, works so well as a form of vaginismus treatment. Can’t wait to read your posts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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