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    Dr. Pacik

    I made arrangements with for a 25% discount off any purchase. They have a professionally created library of over 400 films that are used by sex counselors worldwide. I have been recommending the series on Sensate Focus Exercises for a number of years and find this information to be essential for many of my patients. I make no commission on this.

    The costs are:
    View a single film one time for 99 cents.
    One month unlimited viewing subscription $16.99
    3 months-$29.99
    One year-$99.99. By typing in vaginismus you will be part of our group and all costs are reduced 25%.

    Go to the website
    Click Premiere Videos, then Sex Therapy: Hetero (6th tab under Premiere Videos). Films 1-7 are progressively more erotic exercises for sensate focus.
    Click Buy Viewing Plan at the top of the page, enter vaginismus for the discount code and hit submit.
    This brings up the reduced costs. Click on the type of membership desired and hit Buy Now.
    Once you have given your credit card, you can begin viewing immediately.

    Alternatively, if you are interested only in the Sensate Focus portion, all 7 segments are available on DVD at under the title Sexual Pleasure for Couples for $29.95

    I think it would be very instructive for us to post which films we thought were worthwhile, so we can create our own library of films appropriate for our needs. Let’s get the men involved also. Would love your feedback.

    All of this ties in with our thread on Romantic Movies May to July 2012


    Thank you for setting this up, Dr. Pacik. My husband and watched the first three sensate focus videos this morning. Wow, they were so helpful. To stop and take quality time out for us just to focus on us and intimacy is rare in deed. In fact, due to the Vaginismus and the intense pain, I have always had the attitude of “lets just get it done and over with”. We spent almost two hours just enjoying each other through touch. For me this is huge as I am always going in a 100 different directions and my mind is full of what do I need to get done next. The first three movies are on just touching and seeing what feels good in a non-sexual manner. And even though it was meant to be non-sexual we ended up having fun together afterwards without intercourse. I have a long ways to go on learning how to trust my husband and learn to be intimate, but this is an excellent start and we are both looking forward to watching more. I’m looking forward to hearing from others and I love the idea of sharing what other videos from the website were helpful.


    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new resource article posted that further discusses the Vaginismus Aid of Sex Smart Films and Sensate Focus

    I encourage you all to read and welcome your comments and feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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