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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new blog posted today that discusses ways of relaxing during dilation post-procedure. It describes specific methods as mentioned by forum members and also Dr. Pacik. Some methods include:

    “taking a warm bath with scented candles and soft music, having a romantic supper at home and dancing afterwards, performing erotic massage on one another or maybe taking an evening walk under the stars”

    A further excerpt from the Blog indicates:

    “The woman who has suffered with vaginismus may continue to have anxiety and a difficult time relaxing. It is our mission with post-procedure counseling and practice dilation, that you will become less anxious and more relaxed as you develop this skill of dilating, I relate it to learning snow skiing. On your first attempt, you are anxious, nervous and scared to go down the bunny slope; but with the very important concept of continued practice, you will advance to the beginner slopes, then the intermediate slopes and finally to the advanced slopes (intercourse!). It is important to remember that by reducing your anxiety and relaxing more, your progression to the new beginning will be quicker and more enjoyable. I have also found that after a woman is treated with Botox and becomes successful with progressive dilation, she is able to achieve intercourse and as her anxiety decreases, often she will note that her desire increases.”

    I personally found that I became more and more comfortable with the dilators the more that time passed. Day 2 in the office was so very important for me because I continued to insert the dilators the exact same way as I had done in the office at home and I also had increased confidence which helped me get ready for intercourse. I mentally knew that we would be able to achieve this as I achieved inserting the dilators of all sizes. Another thing that really helped me to relax is the fact that my husband and I became much closer through the entire process, including the dilation. Something that I assumed would be solo and me trying to just fix became a journey that we went on together and we looked forward to practicing with the dilators together and then having intercourse. In fact, he named some of them (pure romance brand) as well as the Candy Stick just for fun. I would encourage you all to read this great blog.

    What have you done as a further way of relaxing while dilating post-procedure???


    Although I am not exactly post-procedure I am going through the dilator treatment and know how important it is to feel relaxed. As I don’t live with my partner and it is not easy for us to spend the night together when we’d like I have mostly been using them alone. Things I do to relax include: having a glass of wine (or a nice cup of tea) and lighting candles, having a long, warm bath (by candlelight can be lovely) or even – I know it sounds odd, but it works – just soaking my feet in a bowl of hot water and then putting on a pair of thick socks. It’s nice to spend time with body lotion or moisturiser after a bath, really focusing on rubbing it in slowly to different parts of the body and enjoying how nice it feels. Sometimes I’ll listen to music or read for a little bit to make sure I feel fully relaxed… it really makes a difference to the dilating!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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