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    Hi ladies. I came across an article about vaginismus in Redbook:

    The article, written by an ob/gyn, explains the very real problem that so many of us have encountered when visiting a physician that does not understand the condition of vaginismus. She writes:

    “Some gynecologists see the problem as one of simply “needing to relax,” but it’s often a real, physical issue and needs treatment.”

    Thank God that she is a physician that understands the complexity of the condition of vaginismus. She goes on to explain her treatment method with Kegel exercises, vaginal dilators, and sex therapy. This is a wonderful recipe for success for women who have lesser degrees of anxiety. However, for myself personally, I was never able to insert a thing prior to actually waking up with the dilator in place following my Botox procedure. Without this occurring, I could not move beyond my anxiety to ever insert the dilators. Thereafter, Dr. Pacik along with the staff trained us on how to insert, remove, and reinsert the dilators as well as providing comprehensive sex counseling. I can’t say enough about the entire program and truly believe that I would have never overcome without all of the components. While I’m happy to see an article that talks about the condition of vaginismus and it is written by a doctor who understands that there is a real physical issue that needs treatment, I would like to see the Botox treatment method with progressive dilation and sex therapy also discussed as it is the one treatment that works for the most anxious patients. I intend to make a comment about this as there is an area in which you can write comments following the article. Do you think that you could’ve overcome vaginismus with Kegel exercises, vaginal dilators, and sex therapy only? Why or why not?

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