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    Hi all. There is an excellent new Blog posted that includes 10 Pre-Procedure Questions and Answers.

    Such questions included:

    1. Is the procedure painful?
    2. How bad was the recovery?
    3. How weird is it having the dilator in you?
    4. Can you go to the bathroom normally with them?
    5. Do you have to wear the dilators on your period?
    6. What happens when the Botox wears off?
    7. How long did it take until sex was normal and not medically looked at?
    8. How long did it take to enjoy sex/want sex/feel sexy?
    9. Did you guys fall in love all over again once sex was part of the picture?
    10. Did this make you want to have a family?

    I would encourage you to check out the Blog and welcome your comments and feedback here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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