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    Sat August 8th, 2009

    Sitting in the storm
    As the rain falls down
    Taking deep breaths
    Feeling peace and calm

    Thunder booms and wakes me
    From my growing peace
    Lightning in the distance
    Flashes in my face

    All alone in wonder
    At nature’s growing furry
    Hail coming down now
    Like pebbles in a hurry

    As fast as it came upon me
    The storm rages by
    Leaving me in wonder
    At the rainbow in the sky

    Now isn’t this how life works
    When it takes our sense of pride?
    It is not how we go through the storm
    But how we view the other side


    The Warrior — published in May 2009

    I’m dreading doing this one more time,
    Of patiently waiting to hear the results,
    Of having to ask the questions,
    Without getting the answers.

    I’m dreading going down this road,
    Of having my body prodded and probed,
    Of dealing with the insensitivities of others,
    Without getting results.

    I’m dreading moving on,
    Of choosing another health care provider,
    One that will really “listen” to what I say,
    And sometimes what I don’t.

    I’m dreading how I feel,
    Of the captivating process,
    Engulfing me in confusion,
    Overwhelming me with sadness.

    I’m stuck in my decisions,
    Not knowing where to turn,
    Searching for support,
    Getting nothing in return.

    Relying on a man-made system,
    A clinical apparition,
    To do what should come naturally,
    With all this indecision.

    Allowing time to take it’s course,
    A warrior in the saddle,
    Riding forth into the unknown,
    To conquer the final battle.


    Fri October 8th, 2010

    Roaring up to burn me,
    The fire burning deep,
    Where is all this energy?
    Lying fast asleep.

    No I cannot get going,
    I’ve been defeated all too much,
    Beaten down in ways,
    Through actions, words and such.

    Lying here just thinking,
    Jumbled in mass confusion,
    What direction should I travel,
    The road that too few have been?

    Thinking it’s always me,
    And then others see me strong,
    Not feeling as they see me,
    Is this really wrong?

    But I know that it is true,
    I’d rather die than admit defeat,
    So I buckle down again,
    And continue on my feet.

    Rising above the ashes,
    Through the continuing flames,
    Fighting for what is right,
    Not caring if I’m blamed.

    Protecting those that can’t,
    Has been my life long passion,
    Taking care of others,
    Not always in graceful fashion.

    But this I know about me,
    I am tough as tough can be,
    And I always make it through,
    Because of the strength,
    The strength within me.


    These are excellent poems!!!


    I love “the warrior”. Those have totally been my feelings! Thank you for sharing these.

    Dr. Pacik



    I too, LOVE “the warrior”, my feelings too. Thanks for sharing!!


    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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