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    Hi all. My hubby and I just returned from a long-weekend stay at a bed and breakfast in Fall River, MA. All I can say is WOW! This is seriously how it always should’ve been for us and I am so, so happy post-vaginismus and thankful to Dr. P for this wonderful treatment. While having vaginismus, I loved going on vacation with my hubby but would always secretly cry in the bathroom of our hotel as we were unable to make love, yet again, in a place where we should be enjoying and celebrating this. He was so supportive and said that it didn’t matter at all to him and that he loved me regardless but it always mattered to me and I was reminded of it especially when we went away. Fast forward to right now and we had such an amazing weekend and were able to enjoy and celebrate making love together. For all of the gals reading this who may be very nervous about the procedure, I would say to “go for it” as it works and this weekend is just another reminder of how happy I am that I am no longer secretly crying in the bathroom but am instead, making love to my amazing husband! I can’t describe in writing how much this means to me but I know that you girls truly understand. Also, for the veterans who are post-procedure, I would definitely recommend going away, even for a weekend, with your significant other, as it is the perfect time to re-connect and make intimate time for each other. We all get so, so busy and there is nothing better than stopping, taking a short-break, and really enjoying one another. Thank you once again Dr. P for helping us to use the bathroom for intimacy, enjoyment, and love-making and not for me to escape and cry due to vaginismus! It was simply wonderful!

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