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    Hi. I’m sorry, English is not my first language. I’ve had vaginismus all my life. My partner of seven years is not supportive, I think he denies the problem and he says sex is natural and he doesn’t know what to do (but that’s another story). I’ve started pelvic floor therapy again (the first time, two years ago, I freaked ou with dilators) and I’m having some really really bad panic attacks. I have had talk therapy for years since I had some trauma and problems. It has been a long journey. Since I’ve started again PT again, I feel naseous all day long, I shake, can’t breath, can’t stand on my legs, I feel my head so numb. It happened at work and I was so ashamed. The meds the psychiatrist gave me aren’t working and I’m not able to go to work (and I don’t know what to say to my boss). Do you have any advice? Thank you so much.


    Hello ElenaElena

    Thank you for reaching out on the forum, I am sure many women can relate to your struggle.

    I am glad to hear that you have a psychiatrist, as it is possible you need a medication adjustment. Also most anti-anxiety medications can take some weeks to work, so don’t give up on the medication.

    There are two online programs that you might find helpful to add into your treatment plan:

    Both are meant to help with mind body connection during treatment.


    ElenaElena – just wanted to say you should be really proud of yourself for getting back to pelvic floor therapy and working on your vaginismus! The anxiety piece of vaginismus can be one of the hardest components to deal with and I really hope you see results with your medication soon!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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