Pain on insertion for the last 2 months. Not sure whats going on?

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    Im 27 years old and prior to the last two months I had a very active and normal sex life. Never experienced pain with sex or insertion of tampons etc. Then I started on a birth control pill which has since been stopped, which i think caused me to have chronic candida infections. Infection treated and now started on long term medicine for that. Symptoms seem to have cleared and doctors see no evidence of trauma or redness and no infection. But i constantly have continued pain on insertion. Originally it was just an intense pain deeper in my vagina on insertion/examination. That pain has gone and now its more just on insertion there is a general discomfort/pain that feels like a roughness/tightness. Thinking its leftover trauma from the candida infection . Any thoughts or advice would be great?!


    Hi isyc007 – I’m so sorry to hear about this sudden onset pain! It sounds really frustrating and I’m glad that at least the infection has cleared up. I think there could definitely be a psychological factor where you anticipate pain so your vagina is tense, then it DOES feel pain, which just reinforces the cycle. Have you had any issues since this experience with vaginal dryness? That can be a side effect of medications and definitely can make insertion more uncomfortable, so that’s something to look into as well!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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