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    We’re so excited to announce that one of our former patients has created a film about vaginismus called “Debbie Does Dilators” and it’s being featured at the Brooklyn Film Festival!! If any of you reside in the NYC area, you may want to consider attending. Members of our staff with also be there showing our support.

    Click here for more information.

    Congratulations to Savannah for utilizing her talents to promote awareness and to help others!


    Jennifer, this is really exciting news! Please let us know if the film ever gets distributed outside the festival – I’d love to see it!


    I had to write back in now that I’ve seen the film – I was so blown away to see my experience portrayed onscreen (and also filmed and acted so professionally) – it means a lot to see dilating and vaginismus taken seriously but also portrayed with humor and complexity. Everyone should check out this film:

    Samantha did an amazing job on this project and I’m so glad Maze helped to get it produced and make it happen!


    So glad you saw and enjoyed the film, recessivegenequeen! All of us at Maze want to do our part when it comes to generating awareness about vaginismus and the treatment options that are available. Supporting Samantha and her creative work was our privilege and pleasure, and we know that her efforts are reaching so many who may feel isolated in their experience.

    Thanks so much for sharing your comments and spreading the good word!


    Yes, it was a really amazing production and feels like something I could send someone who was unfamiliar with vaginismus to explain what it’s like, which is such a valuable resource! I’m excited to see how this film helps people and what else Samantha chooses to do!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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