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    Hi ladies. There is an interesting new blog posted on the anxiety that often accompanies the use of dilators.

    The blog describes the importance of progressing to the largest dilators as a means to prepare for intercourse:

    “The small dilators do not get a woman ready for intercourse … To achieve intercourse after the Botox program for vaginismus, one must advance to the larger dilators. Using a large dilator for about an hour or two prior to intercourse is the ticket to success. Patient after patient verifies this.”

    It further describes the importance of making a commitment to yourself which will ultimately lead to your success:

    f you find yourself getting stuck with the smaller dilators in a zone of comfort and not progressing to the larger dilators, remember this is actually impeding your progress and can lead to long-term failure. Now is the time to make a commitment to practice every day starting with the smaller dilators and progress to the larger dilators. This will ultimately bring you success!”

    Ladies, I would welcome your comments and feedback here. Have any of you ever experienced a “comfort zone” as described with the smaller dilators that may have impeded your progress? How did you overcome this?

    Also, to the veteran patients, could you please comment on the importance of using the larger dilators to prepare for intercourse??? I will briefly comment on this as well. Prior to intercourse with my husband following the procedure, I would dilate with the largest blue dilator for a couple of hours each time. After this, I was 100% ready for him and each time was pain-free, comfortable, and very pleasurable. I would suggest this to all who are transitioning as it will make it just so much easier and, again, pain-free!!!

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