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    Hi ladies. There is an excellent new blog posted today concerning lubrication for vaginismus. It is very informative and provides excellent ideas for different types of lubes (i.e. water-based, olive oil, silicone based) and further provides helpful tips for removing dilators in the morning. I would encourage your comments after reading.


    Hi ladies. The concept of using Olive Oil and Coconut Oil as a vaginal lubricant is excellent. In prior posts, forum members have written the following concerning this:

    “I began using olive oil as lubricant– I thought it was incredibly strange when I started and was resistant. It seemed to weird to use something that was food! But my boyfriend gently pointed out that olive oil has significantly less ingredients than Slippery Stuff (which I had been using) and that it was maybe more natural in some ways.”

    “Just reporting back post-procedure to say that I switched from the surgilube to sliquid organics natural on day 6 post procedure for dilating (am 9 days PP today) and finding it very comfortable. I also feel like I can take the dilator out and put my underwear on just before heading out for work in the morning with a lot less residual mess as I walk. I’m using olive oil as a base under the sliquid for overnight dilating which is very comfortable, but runny. Definitely use a pantiliner or wear something old you don’t care about to avoid oil stains if you choose this. I will continue for now, but may switch to something solid at room temperature like coconut oil or cocoa butter later on.”

    “I personally use coconut oil and love it! This article convinced me to try it:”

    “I’m having success with the Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a lube!!”

    These are all very informative to read. Ladies, what have been your experiences with using Olive Oil or Coconut Oil? Would you recommend it to others as a lubricant? Why or why not?


    I do use extra virgin cold press coconut oil as lubricant. It works well. It’s natural, free-of-chemicals and antibacterial. Why not?:)


    Hello everybody,

    Just a quick comment about olive oil or any other oil-based lubricants.

    IF you are interested in avoiding pregnancy at this point in your lives and are using condoms for contraception, all the oil-based and petroleum-based lubes are a big no-no…because they weaken the condoms, often leading them to break. If avoiding pregnacy is NOT your intention, then they are fine. Many women also swear by coconut oil.

    Regards to all,
    Dr. anitahoffer


    I just read the article and this is a great tip! Question though, is it ok to use the olive oil, coconut oil, or cocoa butter as a lubricant alone??? I’m asking because the blog article said to use it to coat another lubricant?? I’d love to try it but just want to know if it’s ok first…

    Alyx 🙂


    Ok, I had to log on and tell everybody… so we tried the Olive Oil last night and it was Great! It worked better than the Liquid Silk lubricant I love… Normally the insertion process takes a bit for me but it went in much faster with the Olive Oil! Great tip! I’ll definitely keep using this! 🙂


    This is so great Alyx!!!! :):):)

    Dr. Pacik

    A recent patient developed burning presumably due to the lidocaine. She switched to coconut oil and it was like magic. The burning disappeared and she was able to progress to the #5 dilator on the day after treatment (counseling day) even though she had past difficulty with smaller dilators. For the ladies who are scheduled for treatment, bring along some coconut or olive oil, or pick it up while in New Hampshire.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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