My wife just went through the Botox procedure

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    My wife just went through the Botox procedure with Dr. Pacik. I was with her the whole time. As Dr. Pacik recommended, I went into the OR with her while he gave her injections. I really got to see that what she was going through (vaginismus) was not a conscious decision. Her body just did it automatically.

    It was educational going through the whole process from start to finish. I also agree with Dr. Pacik in how crucial it is that you support your partner and be there for them during this process. I also committed myself to being involved, so we could be a team to make this happen. I feel it helped my wife and I grow and is a stepping stone to the next step which is successful intercourse. I am looking towards the future and have a positive mindset, and I know I have to help my wife keep her positive mindset as well. I feel we made the right decision to have the Botox procedure. It was costly, but worth it. My wife signed up for the Care Credit card to pay for the procedure.


    Thank you for posting, Johnson. Your wife is very lucky to have such a supportive husband. I’m so glad that you were there for her. I know that it would have helped my progress, especially with the mental aspect, if my husband would have been able to be there with me. Thank you for sharing and I’m so happy that you and your wife found Dr. Pacik and his team!


    This is a wonderful post Johnson. Congrats to you and your wife on completing Dr. Pacik’s treatment program and your tremendous successes. My husband and I discovered that overcoming vaginismus was a journey to go on together and we became so much closer in the process. A positive mindset helped significantly throughout the process. Wonderful post!!! :):):)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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