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    Hi ladies. In an earlier post tonight, regarding Dr. Pacik’s Rules of the Road, Rule #3 included:

    3. Become an advocate and let the world know about vaginismus. This is perhaps the most easily cured sexual pain disorder. Speak up. Send articles to magazines, get on radio talk shows and send information to the TV networks. Share your story, it is very powerful.

    There is an excellent Blog that I recently came across, titled My Shoes. My Story:

    “My Shoes. My Story.” is a special place where women can read and share their stories of hope, inspiration, growth and change. It’s a blog by women and for women, a place we can call home. Select stories may appear in the soon-to-be published book, My Shoes, My Story, which was given a “thumbs-up” by Chicken Soup for the Soul Author, Mark Victor Hansen. The goal is to collect as many powerful stories as possible to feature online and in print.

    We are looking for stories about change. The topic can be anything from love, career, motherhood, and marriage to divorce, loss or any subject that has brought about a profound change in your life. We’re interested in your “take-away” message and we want to hear about your personal journey to reinvention. What did you learn and how did you get there? Our ideal submission is about 600-800 words.

    We believe in making a difference, one story at a time!”

    This, again, is an excellent Blog and for anyone who is interested in sharing your story, they have embraced the topic of Vaginismus in the past in November 2011 by sharing the story of a woman who overcame.


    I shared my vaginismus story with this website back in 2011. You can read about it here:

    I hope it helped 🙂


    Hi Jane. It helped more than you can ever imagine. This, along with your website, is so wonderful and you have done such a tremendous job of advocating to get the condition of vaginismus more known. I equate reading this story to how I felt when I saw the Cosmo article about vaginismus for the first time. It is so important to get the condition out there and for no women to suffer in silence for even a second longer as it is curable. As I wrote to you earlier this evening, I suffered in silence far too long (11+years) prior to discovering and being cured with Dr. Pacik’s procedure in 2011. Now, I’d love to work on spreading the word together so, again, no women with vaginismus has to go through what we went through and can immediately learn of her condition and also know that it is highly treatable. Can’t wait to read more of your posts soon. :):):)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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