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    Hi ladies. I am writing to encourage you to advocate and continue to spread the word about vaginismus. I am in contact with the Editor of a women’s magazine and sincerely hope to have an article published in the future. For those of you who are interested in writing letters/e-mails, this is a sample of my e-mail correspondence [names omitted for anonymity].

    Initial Contact:
    Shared my story

    Thanks for having the courage to write us about this and your experiences. Please keep in touch. This is something we would have to research, but would definitely consider doing an article about it.
    Editor-in-Chief, [] Magazine

    Follow-up Correspondence:
    Dear []. Happy 4th of July to you! Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being able to make love entirely pain free. Our own Independence Day!!! We were both so, so happy. Today, I thought of the journey that we’ve gone through this past year and how amazing it is that I overcame vaginismus. In addition to overcoming, I have become a huge advocate for women who continue to suffer in silence with this condition, as I did for 15 years of my life and my entire marriage. Vaginismus is a condition that seriously affects women from all over the world and I want to do everything that I can to spread the word about it and help those who continue to suffer in silence. It took so much courage to contact you in the beginning of my journey and to contact you again. I am asking you and your team to please consider doing an article on vaginismus as it affects people’s lives in so many ways. I’d love to be able to share my story to help and inspire others and to let them know that there are treatment options and they no longer have to suffer in silence. Thank you so, so much for your consideration of writing this article. Sincerely, []

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