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    I have recently been diagnosed with vaginismus and have been dilating. With sexual penetration, as well as the use of dilators, I often experience a stabbing pain which seems to be restricted to a specific area on the side of the vaginal wall at the entrance. I can literally locate the exact area with my finger because it is more sensitive to the touch. I have mentioned this multiple times at gynaecologist appointments in case there is a tear or something there but I’ve been told that everything looks normal. Does anyone else experience this? When I go to the loo after penetration or dilation, that localised area of the vaginal wall also particularly burns. Could it just be a thinner area of skin that is struggling under the pressure of being forced to stretch? Thank you in advance!


    This could be a really tense muscle. I will often find on exam one side of the vagina could be more tense that the other side.
    When your muscles are always contracted, blood flow is cut back. As a result, less nourishment and oxygen reach your muscles. The muscles can’t do their work as well. Lack of oxygen can even cause muscles to go into spasm. When muscles are starved for oxygen, they hurt.
    The process of dilation is to help lengthen and stretch the muscle to help it relax. It is not a pleasant process.
    It might be really helpful to see a physical therapist who might be able to target that area with more massage and myofascial release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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