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    Hi Olivia, Kim, and Nicole. I absolutely love following your recent posts in the Vaginismus General category and I want you to know that we are all here to support you along your journeys of overcoming vaginismus. Each one of you is doing AMAZING!!!!

    Kim, you noted feeling a little embarrassed about e-mailing Dr. P and the staff. I felt like this in the beginning so much too but I found the more that I e-mailed them about any and all issues that came up, the more and more comfortable I felt with doing this and it helped me so incredibly much to tackle the issues. I recall having so many questions following my procedure and issues that would crop up that I would need advice on. For example, once we started having intercourse, I constantly would lock my legs b/c of my usual anticipatory anxiety and I needed guidance and advice from Ellen and Dr. P on ways to overcome this. They gave me excellent advice which we followed and it helped to fix the problem. Please know that we, too, are all here for you on the Forum and we are a wonderful family and community of support. As Possum just wrote, “I love how something that used to isolate me so much and make me feel so alone, is now a thing of the past- there is so much power in speaking up and coming together to encourage one another.”

    I found a couple of posts that might help you with the soreness:

    “Recently, there was a post about dilating and differentiating b/t pain and discomfort. One of the members noted that while she didn’t experience burning pain with dilating, it simply felt a little uncomfortable at times. In thinking about this, there are several tools available to help fight discomfort. First, as discussed in several threads, use lubricant very liberally. There are countless types available and several of the forum members have posted very positive reviews of YES lubricant. Second, as recently discussed in a thread, it is very helpful to use a moisturizer after dilating or intercourse, such as Replens vaginal moisturizer.”

    “Hi ladies. I tried out an excellent product and would recommend it to you all – Replens Vaginal Moisturizer. Repetitive dilating as well as intercourse can cause irritation and this moisturizer really helps to alleviate any residual soreness.”

    Finally, I found a wonderful post from Dr. Pacik:
    “It can easily take a month or two before the muscles are stretched enough to be comfortable with penetration with larger objects, especially when the vaginismus has been long standing as in this situation. None of this has any long term implications. Since most women are sure they will fail, because of their long history of feeling like failures and failing at many previous attempts to dilate and achieve intercourse, this adds to the psychologic burden, but is not a problem. Solution: Keep dilating and keep the faith!

    I believe in you guys and every member of this Forum so very much. Sending positive thoughts, prayers, and hugs your way!!!!

    To the other veterans out there, could you please share any advice on what helped you with dilation in the immediate days to weeks post-procedure, also known as the roller-coaster period? Any comments would be very, very helpful.

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