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    Hello everyone. I would like to start by thanking Dr. Pacik, his staff and most of all my beautiful fiancee for being a strong woman and going through with the procedure. In the beginning of this problem, I wasn’t a strong believer of the procedure. I didn’t believe it till I finally saw it with my own eyes this past weekend. I saw what “Vaginismus” really is. I witnessed how my fiancee was put under with enough anesthesia to do knee surgery on a 250 pound man, and her vagina was still going into spasms. Dr. Pacik asked that I try to put my finger in her vagina but it was impossible. I didn’t understand how this was even possible. During that moment I felt this pain in my heart and felt horrible for not understanding how she felt the many times we tried and failed. Every attempt we would end up upset for not being able to make love. I want to encourage any couple suffering from Vaginismus to please consider taking this treatment. My fiancee is next to me as i type this with the pink dialater in place. She went from not even a small q-tip to a midsize dialater in hours. We are so happy we found Dr Pacik and his staff. We are forever greatful we live in a time where Dr Pacik is available to treat us. I have no words to describe how others feel,who have been dealing with this for years! Take a chance and look into it. What do you have to loose? Just your long life partner right? Exactly. Dont let this problem keep making your life miserable. Its a lot of weight to carry for both of you. I wish everyone the best and goodluck. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    Thank you so much for sharing! I think no husband or partner truly understands until that moment they are in the room seeing with their own eyes what is happening. Kaylee is very blessed to have you by her side! Sounds like she is doing amazing and I look forward to reading her continued progress!!

    Janet Pacik

    Tears come from my eyes as i read your post. It is so important that a woman suffering from vaginismus has her husband/partner with her during treatment. We try to encourage this whenever possible. Thank you so much for being there for Kaylee and I hope that your post is read by other men who also have some reservations about the Botox treatment with progressive dilation under anesthesia.

    Dr. Pacik

    Thank you for this very important post. This is exactly why it is so important for the partner to be in the operating room with me to be able to witness the vaginal spasm first hand. Kaylee had her treatment with two other women this past week, and everyone of the women was trying to escape my examination even under anesthesia. Their faces and arms were flaccid from the anesthesia, yet their pelvis had such a profound memory that they were still trying to avoid my examination. Of course they remembered nothing, but the men commented on this observation during the counseling session the next day.
    This post is so important, because often for the first time men realize that their beloved one does not want this, does not will this and has absolutely no control over the spasm of the muscles. It is truly an awakening.
    We had one of the best sessions as the men were able to share their frustrations, and all the women gained from this; as the men also learned a great deal from each of the women. One of the couples, both doctors, came in from Indonesia, the other couple struggled with vaginismus for 19 years! I am truly grateful to each of the participants for making the sessions memorable and so meaningful. I have no doubt that each of you will be successful.


    Made me tear up, reminds me of my procedure with my boyfriend… Glad you guys got the procedure, hope everything is great for you both from here on out!!!

    Never give up and good luck!


    I am so happy for the two of you! Thank you so much for posting your experience as it helps so many of us. My husband was not able to be there with me and so wish that he could have been so that he could see first hand how it wasn’t something that I had control over. I’m just thrilled for you and kaylee.

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