Journal Article – The Role of Anxiety in Vaginismus: A Case-Control Study

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    Hi ladies. Below is a link to an interesting article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine – The Role of Anxiety in Vaginismus: A Case-Control Study. It describes how anxiety is related to the vaginismus diagnoses. In the summation, it states:

    “Our findings may have implications for the conceptualization and treatment of vaginismus. Recent trends in treatment, such as the use of botulinum toxin [32-34], focus exclusively on the peripheral physical symptoms. Although such symptoms are important, the psychological issues involved in the origin and maintenance of the condition also need to be addressed.”

    What is very important to me in reading and sharing this article with you is the realization that Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment for vaginismus truly is a comprehensive treatment program. It does not exclusively focus on one’s physical symptoms but incorporates so much more at all stages of the process (i.e. pre-procedure communication, the actual botox procedure, the teaching of progressive dilation, comprehensive sex therapy, and extensive after-care communication). I believe whole-heartedly that this combination of treatment in addition to how truly amazing Dr. P and the staff are is really what makes the program so, so successful!!!!

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