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    Hi there,

    I would like to hear from anyone who has overcome primary vaginismus to achieve pain-free, pleasurable, penetrative sex (that doesn’t even feel uncomfortable). I just need some hope that it can be achieved!

    I’d be so grateful to hear back from people.


    Hi Kiwi. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. I suffered from primary vaginismus for 15 years and was never able to have any form of penetration whatsoever (i.e. ob/gyn exams, intercourse, etc.). I had Dr. Pacik’s treatment program in 2011 and within one week, my husband and I were able to have pain-free intercourse for the first time. Today, we have a wonderful sex life and couldn’t be happier. Please have hope that this can happen for you. I would strongly encourage you to contact Dr. Pacik’s office and receive this treatment. It was our answer to 15 years of primary vaginismus and countless failed treatments.


    Hi Kiwi. I also suffered from primary vaginismus since I can’t even remember, It wasn’t until I contacted Dr. Pacik around 2 months ago, that I finally felt as if someone believed me and didn’t think I was absolutely crazy. I finally felt hope, and it was life changing, even before my procedure. I had tears of joy from just his emails, that it was possible to finally be cured. I had my procedure August 7th, 2012, so I am only about 50 days post procedure, but after 8 days I could achieve intercourse, took a couple tries to finally become comfortable, but had absolutely no pain. Now, I can say that I am on the road to becoming “normal” in the sex department and can fully enjoy it without pain or discomfort. I can’t thank Dr. Pacik enough, he and his staff were absolutely amazing, and I strongly encourage anyone who has vaginismus to contact Dr. Pacik as he was my answered prayer and really changed my entire life for the good. I have never been so happy 🙂 Good luck to you.


    Same here, Kiwi! I also suffered from primary vaginismus for my entire adult life. In April of this past year – at age 39, I discovered Dr. Pacik and his work through this website. For the first time, it appeared that I found a doctor who understood the severity of my sexual / physical limitations, and had a proven plan to help me/us overcome it. In June, my husband and I traveled to New Hampshire, and had the procedure done. Just like the other stories above, we too were able to have successful, pain-free intercourse within just a few short weeks post procedure. Seemed absolutely surreal- both then and now. Dr. Pacik and his entire team will treat you with respect, gentleness, and care. Have hope!!


    I too have suffered with primary vaginismus for almost 14 years, I had the procedure September 18, 2012 this year, I hope i too can achieve pain free intercourse as you all have. Thanks for the inspiration.

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