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    Hi all. In an excellent recent post, Melissa wrote:
    “There are also hybrid lubricants on the market that are mostly water based, but have a little silicone in them, they can also be very helpful. Liquid silk and Sliquid silk are brands.”
    And, in the past, Bitesize also commented concerning Liquid Silk:
    “I was able to have penetrative sex this morning with the use of ‘Liquid Silk’ – expensive but MUCH more effective than KY. I didn’t experience pain the way I often would have before (which makes me think it probably was a lubrication issue)…”
    I would love to re-open the topic of lubricants. Much has been written about them in other posts but lubrication is such an important issue in working with the dilators and later having pain-free intercourse. What are your favorite lubricants and why for dilating? Intercourse? Which ones would you warn others not to use and why?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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