How long do you dilate post-procedure?

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    So to begin, for anyone who hasn’t read my other posts, I am a double arm amputee as well as right leg. I have primary V and things are more complicated for me, which is a whole category of anxiety on its own. I have arms that end at the elbow and wrist, so there is a bit to work with there, but overall my biggest fear and anxiety re: V is the dilating. I really, really hate that aspect of it and wish it didn’t have to be a factor in any capacity. Also I’m single.

    I am planning on having the procedure done soon. Up to this point I have used dilators minimally – I can hold them, I can point them towards myself, and I can kind of push them towards a position of somewhat being inserted. Whether I can go all the way or not for a successful insertion, I really don’t know because Vsaginismus stops me. So it’s hard to tell. Sometimes I feel like I could potentially do it. Other times I’m scared to death that I’m completely incapable and will end up sabotaging my own treatment and winding up back at square one after the botox all because I can’t dilate properly. I’m really upset about this prospect.

    How long do you have to dilate post-procedure before you don’t have to anymore? Or do you have to forever? Or at least, how much/how long do you have to avoid it before the procedure basically reverses itself and you’re back to the pain? I will do what I can but this is my greatest fear. It’s a lot of money and hope to invest only to be let down. I have literally no one that can relate to me with this specific issue and it’s overwhelming. I want to be hopeful about this but my situation is so unique and complex and potentially capable of ruining success for me. I’m very scared about that.

    If I have to use dilators for the rest of my life and use them to ‘warm up’ before sex every single time, for up to an HOUR beforehand from what I’m reading on here, I feel like I will be in my head too much to enjoy sex. It’s all so mechanical. How am I supposed to want and love and initiate sex when it requires homework/pre-workout every time including a massive physical disability obstacle???

    Any and all info/answers re: dilators and the post-procedure time frame both in immediate duration (use it for 10 mins, one hour, etc) and long-term time frame would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys.


    Hi ceegee. Please see our replies to your post at the following links:

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    Sending you hugs today!!!

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