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    When I first starting dating, I had a crazy strong sex drive… until I started to try to have sex. Like I’m sure most of you experienced, once I noticed something was wrong/different (vaginismus) I started getting scared and eventually my sex drive disappeared all together.

    Disclaimer: I was debating actually posting this. I know this is a very controversial topic, but since it worked so well for me, I thought I would share.

    I was always raised that “drugs were bad.” And there are definitely some very bad ones. I never did drugs and I never drank until I was pretty much of age. When I moved to California this summer, I was in awe that medical marijuana was a thing thinking “how could they let drugs be legal here?” One of my friends ended up getting a medical marijuana card for back pains from an accident he was in and said it helped him. People I work with, people I see on the streets all use it for something different and it all works for them. I started wondering if it might work for me. So I tried it. My first time trying it.

    I initially thought it would just make my less scared to do anything. Instead, it was like I traveled back in time to when I first started dating. It unlocked something that I thought was gone forever. I haven’t tried it since then, but my sex drive is still where it was that night because I know it is not lost. I feel great and able to be passionate. This is something I never thought I would be able to do again. It’s very freeing.

    I’m not sure if this is sort of like a placebo type effect where I thought it would work so it did, but everything has changed for the better so I’m not one to question it.

    Dr. Pacik

    Thank you Lauxo for having the courage to post this. We are only at the beginning of understanding the clinical benefits of marijuana. There is currently considerable medical and pharmaceutical research using this drug for a wide variety of conditions. It is being altered so that the “high” is removed leaving the active ingredients that are of value..
    My feeling is that if you found this to be helpful in restoring your sex drive this is monumental for you. As you determine the “dose” that is beneficial you will be able to fine tune this as a form of medication. Please keep us posted with longer term follow up. If any others would like to comment, this could be an important thread that will be helpful to the readership.


    I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again. It was interesting and did seem to help, but it just wasn’t for me.
    I’m interested to hear if other people have had the same experience, though.


    Just curious

    Did you smoke the plant or did you use Marinol, the pill form or synthetic version of this herb? It might make a difference to know this for some.

    I’m no expert and certainly I’m more on par with you. I’ve never taken an illegal drug and drink very little. But I’m
    curious to know if the synthetic version did this or the actual plant?

    Whatever info you would feel safe sharing is welcomed


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