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    Hi ladies. I recently had some gynecological testing and dilated with the largest glass dilator in advance. This was the first time I had used these new glass dilators and absolutely love them. They’re much shorter in length than the pure romance ones and the glass handle doesn’t affect your thighs at all while walking. I remember reading another post in which the forum member described even shopping with the glass dilators so I tried this out prior to the testing and it was entirely comfortable. At one point, I forgot it was even in. I also noticed that I didn’t have to push them in at all like the pure romance ones and they just slipped right in with ease. I did notice, however, that you have to wear very tight panties with them to keep them in place as they slip out easily. In my experience with the pure romance ones, they never slip out and stay right in place regardless of what you are wearing. With all that info, I would definitely recommend them to all the new patients out there as they are very comfortable. Thoughts ladies?

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